Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Guys, running fucking sucks.

At least running at 5:30am on an empty stomach on your apartment complex gym's treadmill sucks. It took almost a week for me to manage to get my ass out of bed early enough to run in the morning, and I was so proudof myself today. Then I looked outside and saw that it was drizzly and dark. Like DARK dark. Like get raped and murdered and no one ever finds the body dark.

So I went to the complex gym. Yay treadmill. It started out well, I kept a positive outlook, and I got through 6/7 of the intervals I was planning on. But around interval 4 I started feeling sick. Like, dizzy, lightheaded, gonna vomit but there's nothing to vomit sick. I pushed through it because I didn't want to pussy out, but by finishing the 6th interval I was pretty sure I would seriously damage my health if I continued further.

Let's recap how out of shape I am -  the intervals I'm running are run 1min (6mph), walk 2min (3.8mph), and I nearly died. After six of those. Six. Holy tub of lard, Batman.

So, I don't know if it's the time of day? The empty stomach? The treadmill? Maybe a combination of all three? If you have any thoughts, please share, because I'd like to figure this out. I might try an afternoon run not on a treadmill later this week, weather permitting.

Any advice is super appreciated.

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