Wednesday, February 6, 2013

it's done

Took my test this Monday and actually felt pretty good about it. It was definitely a different experience than the last two times, so that's promising. Nineteen days until I know for sure.

But since then, I have found SO MUCH FREE TIME! Monday night I came home and played Zelda and did laundry and read some of Bossypants and played piano and had all kinds of fun. So now, finally, I can get back to what most people call life.

I was going to start my running regimen this morning, but it was raining, so it's getting put off until tomorrow. I'm going to use this guide, that I mentioned back in January, to get my lazy butt moving. I think it's mild enough to make sure I don't burn out, and I'm actually really excited about it. I'm also going to try using the Nike+ app to track my progress.

I also signed up for my first Coursera course. They're free, and I love learning. The class officially started back on Jan 28 but I was still allowed to sign up, and I'm just trying to catch up now. Luckily, the first quiz deadline was extended until February 13th! The one I'm enrolled in is Health Informatics in the Cloud. So far it's super interesting - dealing with the current state of healthcare in the US, where it's going, how to fix it, and how information technology is desperately needed in order to have any hopes of improving. I'm such a nerd. If you too are a nerd, you should sign up for a course!

Zach and I have just gotten into House of Cards on Netflix. It's. Awesome. Go watch it. Netflix original. Kevin Spacey is the bomb.

Speaking of Zach, our 4th anniversary is one week from today, which is crazy to think about. But exciting, too!

Ok, I need to go read for my class :D

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