Monday, April 22, 2013


I made myself a makeshift vanity this weekend! I know I was all psyched about the velcro makeup board a while back. And don't get me wrong, it was awesome. But I got really tired of not having counter space to put my elbows on and keep my working in progress stuff on. And I had an old shitty makeup mirror with stripped screws that wouldn't stay in place and I could never use it anyway because I couldn't get a good angle on it BLAHBLAHBLAH. So I woke up Sunday morning and thought "I'm going to make myself a new workstation." This study of ours has been repurposed 3 times now. It was originally an 'office' with a working desk (pictured) on the wall to the right of this photo (not pictured) and my keyboard was in the place of this workstation now. Then Zach got a new recliner and we were left with an extra homeless recliner, so we moved the keyboard into the dining room, put the chair in the corner (partially pictured?) and kept the desk where it was but effectively turned it into a listening station by setting the turntable and speakers on it. Yeah that was used like twice.

So this is the current incarnation. The chair is no longer in the corner but rather against the wall to the right, and this is my battle station, complete with natural light.Which will be more readily available here in a few weeks (hooray spring)!

Since my aforementioned makeup mirror was busted, I decided it was time for a trip to Target to procure a new one. Actually I went to Bed Bath and Beyond first, then realized that they're exorbitantly expensive, and redirected to Target. I got the lighted makeup mirror, the pull out plastic drawers (on the left), the two small green boxes (on the right) and the deep teal box (on the right) for about $60. I already had the pink brush cup and the green bin (in the bottom right corner) to complete the setup. 

Picture time!

 Top drawer: Face stuff. Foundation, BB cream, primers, blushes, powders, etc.

 Middle drawer: Individual eyeshadows

 Bottom drawer: Eyeshadow palettes, mascara, and that one lonely lipgloss. I keep the rest of my lip stuff in a bag in my purse because let's be real, reapplication is necessary. It might as well live there.

 Re-purposed Smashbox  tin holds all the eyeliners and the sharpener. 

 Deep teal bin: Hair stuff. All the product, bobby pins, a few clips, and two of my brushes. And deodorant which was moved back into the bathroom after this picture was taken.

 Top green bin: Nail polishes! I tried to organize them by color and realized that I have one bright-ass teal polish that doesn't fit anywhere and then I got sad.

 Bottom green bin: Nail care stuff. Remover, toe separators, cuticle oil, files, buffer, and cotton pads.

 To the side of the drawers we've got the lotions, toner, and q-tip/cotton ball container.

And in the green bin on the floor are the hot hair tools.

I didn't take a separate picture of the makeup brushes because they seemed pretty obvious. They're brushes. In a cup.

The only thing I think I need now is to somehow procure and set up a larger mirror in there. The small one is fine for makeup but is difficult for hair. I wouldn't mind attaching it to the desk permanently but I'm not sure where to find something. I might need to go thrifting. The window is behind the table so I don't think I can lean a mirror up, and there's nowhere to put a mirror on the walls around the table because the room is tiny. If you have any thoughts, please share!

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