Sunday, January 6, 2013


It's going to be hard to turn down social invites. But I know I have to.

I've managed to study a bit so far this weekend, but not as much as I'd like. I'm currently taking a study break to write this, in fact. I have been productive, though! Zach and I reorganized the kitchen cabinets which opened it up for a LOT more storage and easier access to things. And with as much cooking as we will be doing soon, that will be much needed. We also did a lot of laundry, flipped our mattress, changed the sheets, and generally tidied up.

We made a decent grocery trip on Friday night to stock up for the awesome meals we're planning on making this week. Protip: Grocery shopping at 7pm on a Friday is awesome because NO ONE is there. You know, because other people have social lives.

--- Sidenote: where the hell can I buy mason jars?

What's on the menu today!

This morning I made some raspberry scones from a mix I got as a stocking stuffer. Not the healthiest, but quite delicious and good for sharing! Zach's brothers are currently munching on them with some coffee, in fact.


I also started a double batch of slow cooker oatmeal with apples and pears for Zach and I to have for breakfast all next week. My original game plan was to store the portions in mason jars for easy transportation and reheating, but, as I mentioned before, I can't seem to find mason jars anywhere. I'm super excited about it as it smells INCREDIBLE right now. Also, apparently steel cut oats reheat really well, so it should be a solid week-long breakfast.

Tonight I'll be making this pesto salmon with green beans with this spinach rice dish on the side. I'm sure this is going to make for some AWESOME leftovers and I'm really curious about the rice situation. I'll make sure to food porn it for viewing pleasure.

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