Wednesday, January 9, 2013

round is a shape

In fact, round is the exact shape I'm in. I'm not gonna lie, I haven't actually begun working out. I'm trying to tackle that #1 goal before I really hit the others super hard. I don't want to kill myself here. But I have found a few things that are helping me make plans and make goals.

Firstly, a dear friend of mine told me about a social fitness site, Fitocracy. I made my profile and played around with it a little bit, and it's basically a way to log your exercises and burned calories and whatnot and share it with your friends. It even has starter workouts and descriptions of a bunch of different workout moves that you can pull together to create and save your own routine. Sounds legit to me.

Secondly, after being encouraged to do so by another friend for YEARS now, I've decided that I'm going to run a 5k. I'm just going to do it. Mind you, I hate running. But so many of my friends love it and live by it so I feel like there's just some hurdle I have to get past to enjoying it. So, while cruising around on Pinterest I came across this beginner's running guide. It seems doable. I mean, I think it is. I think a big part of my problem has been pushing too hard too soon and burning out. But, as I've mentioned, PLANNING is incredibly important for goal maintenance. So I'm gonna do it. And I'm roping Zach into joining me. And I think I want my first 5k to be the color run. It's fun and they donate to local charities in each city, keeping the benefits close to home. It's far enough out that I can adequately train and hopefully do it no problem by May.

And now, for the food porn:

Here's that pretty incredible steel cut oatmeal with apples and pears. Doesn't look like much but it DOES keep incredibly well and is quite filling.

And this is the chicken tortilla soup I made last night. SO good and so easy.

Stay tuned for more food pics, recipes, and wellness updates. Let me know in the comments if you try out any of my recommendations!

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